Digital Workplace 2018

Digital Workplace 2018

Workplaces are evolving and becoming more digital by the day, so the average worker will have to be increasingly tech-savvy just to do their job. This is the philosophy of the Digital Workplace (which will be one of our most fascinating topics), times are changing and those who don’t keep up will lose out.

One of the latest innovations in the digital workplace is the use of virtual assistants powered by AI. Technologies like Cortana, Alexa and Siri will make organisation and task execution faster and more reliable than anyone ever dared to dream. Instead of calling a co worker to tell them you’ll be late for a meeting, you simply say “Cortana, tell Michael I will be late for our meeting today”, and it will do as instructed. Because of its advanced AI, Cortana will know who Mike is, which meeting you’re talking about and carry out the required action.

Another upcoming innovation of the digital workplace is the use of virtual beacons that can track movement and number of people. Imagine being able to determine rent based on which store gets the most foot traffic or determining peoples movement trends so you know which stores people walk straight passed, and which stores they tend to linger around and take a longer look at.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how ideas like these could revolutionise productivity and analytics, and these are just two out of infinite possibilities. What’s interesting about AI is that its intelligence will compound over time, so we don’t even know where this could end up. Let’s just hope that’s not at SkyNet.

Our goal is to create thought provoking content like this that will teach you about what we do and hopefully provide some entertainment in the process. Stay tuned for more about technology and how it will shape our world!

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