ICT Solutions for Businesses to Excel.

About Vertex

Vertex Communication Solutions serves to streamline business functionality via multimedia convergence ICT Products, Services and Support.

All our products are designed as a Voice, Text and Video communication solution with the sole purpose of streamlining your business. We have a mobile team at your service, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Services and Solutions

Our mission is to provide entrepeneurs and self-starters with cutting edge business solutions to improve functionality, communication and growth.

ICT Solutions

VOIP, Cabling, Hardware and N – able.

IT Support

Full On-Site and Remote IT support for all of our services

Surveillance Infrastructure

CCTV and Access Control.

Vertex PBX

Private Branch Exchange system situated off-site and accessible over a cloud-based IP Network.

The Vertex


We believe that one of the primary ways that South Africa will grow and prosper is through daring and courageous actions of entrepreneurs and self-starters. We believe that the micro, small and medium enterprise owners create the foundation of commerce in South Africa. To this end Vertex’s purpose is to empower entrepreneurs who;

Our aim is to identify these entrepreneurs and wherever possible add sufficient value to help them grow regardless of financial constraints. All while staying true to our core principles and values.