Business in a Box

Vertex Communication Solutions is an ICT company specialising in full convergence with a dedicated vision of supplying complete and wholly integrated network infrastructure systems and solutions to our customers.


HAAS (Hardware as a Service ) / Google Workspace / SolarWinds / VPBX (Voice) / Digital Marketing

Vertex business in a box is a one-of-a-kind IT solution aimed specifically at single users and Micro, small and medium enterprises. Our aim is to create a solution that is scalable to your individual user needs. Business In a Box includes POPI compliance (related to certain IT requirements) and services your business requirements.

Our solution allows our clients to select their “business in a box” products and then we simply calculate the cost, deliver your products, set you up and voila you are good to trade.

Our product selection includes:

Google Workspace (Mail / Sheets / Docs / Drive / Calendar / chats / cloud)
Google Workspace setup (Mailbox migration / training)
HAAS (Hardware as a service for i3, i5 and i7 desktops and laptops)
Remote Service level agreements (1,3- and 5-hour SLA’s)
CCTV solutions (4, 8 and 16 channel NVR and DVR including installation)
VPBX – Vertex Private Branch Exchange (With the choice of handsets and soft consols)
Digital Marketing Management (Casual, Premium and Deluxe packages)


Hardware as a service is focused on the idea of (technological) up-time.

Gone are the days of having to outlay your hard earned capital on hardware items that 1. Depreciated over time 2. Start slowing down and 3. the technology gets outdated – HAAS allows the client to rent technological up-time in the form of a fee paid monthly for a specific type of machine e.g. i5 laptop.

The beauty is that HAAS can be written off to operating expenditure, if the machine breaks down we immediately replace it and at the end of the term we simply bring you a new machine.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace makes working together a whole lot easier.

Google Workspace is an all inclusive platform that included every application you will ever need for your business, including: Email, sheets, docs, drive, calendar, chats, cloud and much more


Software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure. IT monitoring and management tools are built for SysAdmins and network engineers who need powerful and affordable tools.


VPBX (Vertex Private Branch Exchange) also known as Cloud PBX, hosted PBX or virtual PBX, is a Private Branch Exchange system that is situated off-site and accessible over a cloud-based IP (Internet Protocol) network.

By using a cloud PBX, you can make and receive phone calls via IP phones and softphones installed on your mobile phone or desktop, and the voice traffic is routed via an internet network.

VPBX was designed to allow our clients flexible, simple and scalable online communications solutions.

Digital marketing

We aim to build you a comprehensive Digital marketing solution tailored to your business and it’s needs.

Our solutions range from Social Media Management, Branding & graphic design, Email Marketing, Web development and paid advertising.