Vertex Surveillance Infrastructure installs and maintains state-of-the-art security systems for peace of mind and better control over your business and its functions. Biometric scanning and facial recognition are some of the systems on offer to secure your business.


VCS-SA Surveillance Infrastructure CCTV Image

We offer IP CCTV which utilises a UTP backbone for a single platform infrastructure solution. At Vertex Communication Solutions we offer basic display and control set ups with no or limited control room functionality as well as advanced control rooms for on- and off-site security monitoring. We offer control rooms with basic functionality and scope all the way up to alarm-triggered motion displays. We offer traditional analogue, analogue high definition (AHD) as well as turbo high definition (THD) systems to meet client requirements.

The modern AHD and THD analogue are a low-cost solution that offers the same/equivalent quality you would get from a 1,3MP IP solution. Our implementation teams offer the hardware infrastructure, in addition to designing, supplying and installing the entire layout from control desks to fittings.

Access Control

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Vertex Security provides access control systems for both residential and commercial use. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to automate, regulate and control access points. We offer traditional access control from PIN-code systems to the more advanced systems which are IP-based and utilise biometric scanning and facial recognition.

Vertex Security prides itself on stellar service, nationwide installations and support coupled with remote assistance and training as well as extensive systems reporting and analytics.


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